VENEZUELA DREAMIN’: Pair Of Toronto NDP Riding Associations Want To Officially Make ‘Socialism’ The Party’s Goal

As the New Democratic Party gathers for their convention amid weak poll numbers, some in the NDP are pushing for a move even further toward socialism.

In 2013, the NDP removed references to socialism from their party constitution, as Tom Mulcair tried moving the party closer to the centre.

However, two Toronto NDP riding associations are pushing to put socialism back in – apparently thinking that emulating Venezuela would somehow be a good idea.

As noted by the Toronto Star, the resolution reads in part:

“Socialism, a cooperative commonwealth in which public ownership and democratic control by working people of the major means of production, distribution and exchange, is the goal of the New Democratic Party.”

How could that go wrong…

Whether the resolution passes remains to be seen, as it may get buried under other resolutions.

Yet, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the NDP move in an even more socialist direction, considering how far-left Singh is taking the party.

After all, this is what he said about Fidel Castro:


Also, Singh’s NDP have invited a supporter of Louis Farrakhan – the founder of the Nation of Islam and a huge anti-Semite – to be a keynote speaker at their convention.

It seems political extremism is increasingly the norm for the NDP under Jagmeet Singh. His policies would already move Canada further towards the socialist suffering of Venezuela, and that remains true whether or not the NDP puts the word ‘socialism’ itself back into their constitution.