Leftist Jews demand more censorship — Here’s what will happen if they get their way

Leftist Jews demand more censorship — Here’s what will happen if they get their way

In 2006, I republished the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in my old magazine, the Western Standard — and was hauled before the Alberta Human Rights Commission after some Muslims complained.

Shortly thereafter, Mark Steyn published a cover story in Maclean’s called “The Future Belongs to Islam.” Muslim extremists hauled him before three different Canadian Human Rights Commissions.

The country (and the rest of the world) was so appalled by these two cases that, in 2013, Parliament repealed Section 13, the censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

Well, that was five years ago. The alliance between the cultural Marxists and Islamic fascists has only grown, and colonized academia and the Liberal Party.

Last month, we learned that Trudeau’s justice minister is now contemplating re-enacting Section 13.

Which brings me to the stupidity of the day: It’s a story from the Canadian Jewish News:


Mark Freiman told CJN:

“Hate speech is on the rise. Hate speech is a form of poison. We regulate poison and all kinds of speech that carries harm. This is the kind of speech that carries danger,” he said.

“Freiman, who also served as the president of the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress, made his views known in a panel discussion that looked at the future of Canadian law in the absence of Sec. 13.”

Here’s my point: It’s 2018. The Muslim population of Canada is, what, 1.5 million? And it’s young and aggressive and confident.

Canada’s Jews? About 350,000 of them. Low birthrate. High intermarriage. Very few are actually religious. To many Jews, being Jewish is a bit like a club, maybe once a year you go to a synagogue. It’s a loose affiliation, with no enduring or transcendent meaning.

Imagine, then, that an aging, out of date Jewish ethno-politician like Mark Freiman would actually get his way and bring back “hate speech” laws.

Who do you think would use those laws?

And who do you think they would be used against…?

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