41% of Indians say it is ‘acceptable’ for news media to favour one political party

41% of Indians say it is ‘acceptable’ for news media to favour one political party

Even as the furor over “fake news” rages in the United States, most Indians are confident in the country’s media, with 80 per cent people saying the news is reported accurately. This figure is the third highest in the world, closely behind the Netherlands at 82 per cent, and Indonesia, where 85 per cent of respondents think that media reports are accurate.

Furthermore, two-thirds of the public believes that the media covers political issues fairly, with one-third (31 per cent) saying news organisations are doing very well at reporting different political positions. Nearly three-fourth think that news about government leaders is reported quite well.

When it comes to reporting news about the party in power, 73 per cent of BJP supporters expressed their satisfaction with the media. As for non-supporters, 64 per cent of them approve of the news coverage of the ruling party.

Media satisfaction corresponds to trust in the government at the individual level, as people who express confidence in the national government are more likely to be satisfied with the news media than those who are less confident. In India, where over 80 per cent have faith in the Modi government to do the right thing, overall 70 per cent of the public is satisfied with news outlets.