Trudeau Family’s Attire Too Flashy Even For An Indian?

With a traditional ‘Namastey’, the Trudeau family deboarded their Aircraft on Saturday, and soon after they touched the ground,a surprising wave of Suraj Barjatia-esque Indianness engulfed foreign diplomacy!

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and his family are on a week-long visit to India. Other than their non-meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi, what’s catching everyone’s attention is the Trudeau family’s fascinating wardrobe choice- too Indian even for an Indian.

To make an impression, or just to feel the oriental embrace, the Trudeau family has picked the best Indian designers, to make for them, the best ethical Indian attire. All a little too much, feels National Conference leader Omar Abdullah.

The choice of colours (bright red, yellow, golden) in their wardrobe resonate with some sort of Bollywood fascination. After all, Justin Trudeau has admitted to being a fan of Shah Rukh Khan.

A look at their three most Indian looks…

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