Pet pig adopted from BC SPCA killed and eaten by new owners

Outrage is spreading across Vancouver Island and online after a pig that was adopted from the BC SPCA was killed and eaten by the people who adopted her.

Molly, a three-year-old Vietnamese potbelly pig, came to the SPCA’s Cowichan & District branch as part of a cruelty investigation. She was taken care of and nursed back to health by the staff and was finally adopted by a couple in Duncan on Jan. 19.

Then it was discovered that on Feb. 16, Molly had been killed and eaten.

Brandee McKee, who lives on Vancouver Island and also owns a pet pig, discovered what happened to Molly through friends and word spreading online.

She says the owners realized they did not know how to properly take care of Molly and that’s when they made the decision to slaughter her for food.

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