Somali gang violence rages on affluent north London streets

This persistent violence linked to drugs, territorial feuds, or blood vendettas, has beset a section of the UK’s 100,000-strong Somali community in the UK.

Camden is not the London borough you would usually associate with gang violence. Houses around Hampstead and Primrose Hill are some of the most expensive in the capital, commanding an average price of £1.7m. These areas are home to bankers, city lawyers and celebrities such as pop star Liam Gallagher and film director Ridley Scott.


The vast majority of Somalians have nothing to do with crime. But community workers say that some refugees, or even those born in the UK, the violent civil war that erupted in Somalia in the 1990s has left them with a casual attitude to violence.

There were 335 Somalis in jail as of last December, accounting for 3.4 per cent of all foreign citizens in UK prisons.