Christie Blatchford: Liberals have a high tolerance level for convicted Sikh terrorists

The worst act of mass murder in this country, the bombing of Air India Flight 182 in 1985, which killed all 329 people aboard, happened because Sikh extremists in B.C. planted a bomb in a suitcase.

As for MP Randeep Sarai, the man who invited Atwal to dinner at the High Commission, he has apologized and Atwal’s invitation was rescinded — but not before he’d managed to attend a reception in Mumbai earlier in the week, where he posed for pictures with, among others, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

Jaspal Atwal, left, beside MP Randeep Sarai.

“I alone facilitated his (Atwal’s) request to attend this important event,” Sarai said. “I should have exercised better judgment, and I take full responsibility for my actions.”

Yet there he was, in 2015, posing for a picture with Atwal in a social media post from the company, Media Waves, where Atwal works.

Presumably, then, Sarai knew him.

And in any case, the responsibility is not his alone.

Does the High Commission not screen or vet those it invites to dinner? Do the security folks attached to the office not do it? Does no one in the Prime Minister’s Office do it?

How it looks, given Atwal’s tentacles to the party, is that at least some of them knew full well who Jaspal Atwal is and was. They just didn’t care all that much

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