Who’s Really Backing Lethal Weapons to Ukraine?

The authors go so far here as to literally create a propaganda dogma for people in the far reaches of Nova Scotia…

A Strange Canuck Role Explained

In a previous NEO report I discussed how throwing Poroshenko out might be the only salvation for the Ukraine people. I did so for several reasons, and none of them because the Kremlin invites me to advise the FSB, the Duma, or Putin himself with “defense expert” credentials. “Salvation” for a people thrust into a deadly maelstrom is my motivation, and my friends in Ukraine and Russia understand this. Poroshenko and his Nazi killers, with the help of warlords like America’s jar head Mattis, just make get Ukraine blackened and charred as a kill zone in between ideals. Keeping this in mind, let’s examine some of the American interests in arming Ukraine to the teeth.

News Poroshenko’s national guard tested a new armored personnel carrier, the Varta-Novator’s capabilities met with some laughter from the pro-Russian forces who might have to contend with such a vehicle. However, what my pals in the Donbass failed to take note of was the fact the new vehicle uses a Ford F550 chassis. Of course, the Javelin systems are made by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and the Barrett sniper systems come from Christiana, Tennessee, USA. The “Ford” inference makes clear how America’s corporate players are vested in this conflict, but other arms companies like Texas’ own AirTronic are raking in profits too. These “Americans” have inserted themselves into the Ukraine killing fields by providing upgrades for teh Precision Shoulder Fired Rocket launchers (PSRLs), which are a redesigned and updated version of the widely deployed Soviet RPG-7 anti-tank weapon. In reading about this war entrepreneurship from Tennessee I was also fascinated to find a statement corroborating my assertion that these weapons systems are in fact offensive. Richard Vandiver, Chief Operating Officer of aforesaid AirTronic told Voice of America:

“As long as the weapon system stays [in government-controlled territory], it’s not an offensive weapon, but if armor starts to cross the river than I would assume that the Ukrainian defense forces would employ our systems to stop the armor.”

Any anti-armor system is designed to be both offensive and defensive. Leaving off the dozens of companies standing to make money off death in Ukraine, tt the other end of the spectrum, the Trump administration have breathed new life into a European defense market too. And this is not just some legitimate reactionary move to counter the “parroted” Putin aggression. When U.S. Secretary of Defense Mattis and Vice President Mike Pence made separate tours of Europe in order to urge leaders of NATO member states to boost defense spending to meet a target of 2 percent of GDP in each nation, this was more than a seeming bill collector move. This Fortune report tells us U.S. arms manufacturers are making a “killing” off crises from Ukraine to Syria and beyond. Also, there’s ample evidence Ukraine has already received outside technical and financial support for developing weapons such as the secret project “Olha”, a cruise missile system based on the technical solutions of project “Neptune”. In this example of wider spread weapons developments on Russia’s frontiers, a 300mm Vilha shell is being developed by the Yuzhnoye Design Office in Dnipro, while the State Design Bureau, Luch, in Kyiv makes the missile’s control system which includes inertial navigation and GPS correction systems. I’ve no space here for revealing the fascinating connections between western entities and the miraculous recovery of near bankrupt the Yuzhmash (Південмаш) machine company accused of supplying a high-performance liquid-propellant engine for the North Koreans. It’s enough that the reader understand Ukraine is broke, and that Russia has stopped investing in such companies. Here is the first call for outside investors from the Dnepropetrovsk Regional State. And for the purposes of taking my report here full circle, here is the Ukraine Embassy to Canada calling for cash to make ballistic missiles.