‘I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY’: Toronto FC’s Marky Delgado holds up hand following Champions League loss

Sebastian Giovinco’s cross sat up perfectly for Delgado to strike metres from goal. He saw the goal was empty. Then he saw his attempt fly over.

He held back tears in the aftermath of the most emotional night of his young career. He didn’t want to talk about it but knew he needed to.

“That’s football sometimes,” Delgado searched for words. “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it goes in. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s heartbreaking.”

It felt cruel to keep him standing there any longer.

Giovinco glanced over at Vanney moments before the final whistle, moments after he thought he’d provided the final pass to give the Reds another title.

Vanney shrugged his shoulders. Nothing needed to be said.

“I thought that was it,” Vanney added. “It was a friendly ball. If he just gets over it a little and puts it under the bar it’s there. I knew that was our last chance. I didn’t want to go to penalties.”

While Delgado converted his penalty, goalkeeper Alex Bono couldn’t come up with any saves that might have made last week’s costly error disappear.

Instead, both Bono and Delgado were on the end of series-altering plays — Bono in the first leg, Delgado the return — that ultimately decided this Champions League final.