Cultural appropriation “poster girl” stands firm on Chinese prom dress choice

The latest free spirit to wade into the PC quicksand that is cultural appropriation is Keziah Daum of Utah. It happened when she wore a gorgeous qipao to her prom last week.

Cue the outrage, because the dress is Chinese and Daum isn’t.

Some loser who goes by the name of Jeremy Lam, was among those who determined that Daum was a racist, tweeting out:

“My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.”
Sure, Keziah has received hundreds of negative comments from the usual suspects but that means there are literally billions of people out there who aren’t offended or simply don’t care about her fashion choices.

Even better, in the end this is a good news story because Keziah has a spine. She is not apologizing or backing down.

My wish for prom season is to see every gal who embraces freedom of expression and loathes the bullying tactics of social justice warriors, wearing a qipao as a haberdashery-like middle finger to to the mavens of political correctness.