‘How will a lady tell guys how to behave?’ Liberal MP asks first female RCMP boss whether men will obey her

The first woman to lead the RCMP, Commissioner Brenda Lucki, made her first appearance before committee on Monday and one of the first things a Liberal MP asked her was whether men would obey her.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named the 31-year veteran of the force to its top post as commissioner in March and earlier on Monday, released the mandate letter issued to Lucki which tasked her with changing the culture of harassment and bullying within the ranks of the RCMP.

But within minutes of appearing before the House of Commons public safety committee, the second question put to her was whether men would listen to a woman telling them not to harass and bully other members.

“Habits have become a way of work, and harassment from my standpoint is a lot more than what women went through. It’s a tough environment, I will include in harassment the bullying, questionable behaviour,” said Liberal MP Michel Picard, who represents the riding of Montarville, Que.

“So I would like to hear you – excuse me for saying it that way – how will a lady tell guys how to behave?”

Lucki did not hesitate in offering her response.

“We do it all the time,” she said. “It’s part of our makeup, ask my husband.”

Full article: Global News