Faith Goldy’s Views Do Not Justify the Attack Against Her

Any reasonable person would agree that there is simply no place for vigilantes who get a rush out of violence, and that is what these people are.

They are not grand defenders of refugees, they are not peaceful protestors – they are fanatics representing some of the most dangerous parts of the left wing.

If Canada and the mainstream are willing to define the hateful portion of the right as the alt-right, than its high time that the same distaste and worry was put towards the dangerous extremists of the left.

I highly doubt they will though; for example, reporters from CTV described the distasteful assault as protestors “pushing” Faith out.

Now Compare That to the Following Video

This Insane Difference Is A Problem

When Canadians can openly see that what the media is telling us stands in stark contrast with actual events, we lose faith in them and the institutions that support them.

I imagine many believe that their moment of political correctness is helping to shape a better society, especially by limiting the growth of the right-wing ‘behemoth’ that is Faith Goldy.

Newsflash… Faith Goldy is a really small independent journalist. Even the once large Rebel Media is now a decaying organization. There is no grand alt-right army.

In reality, the media’s attempt to put their thumb on the scales hurts their credibility and helps the continued descent into societal chaos as truthful reporting becomes harder and harder to find.

Democracy and debate both require a real and open dialogue. For the moment, it seems like instead of attempting to settle disagreements in debate or at the ballot box, individuals representing the establishment are instead increasingly attempting to win by force.

This is simply not right.

Perhaps it’s time to stop pretending like it is okay for protestors to physically attack a woman as long as they are on the right. The media needs to return to their principles and hold power to account.