Ontario NDP wants a “sanctuary province”

If I didn’t read it with my own eyes, I might not believe it but there it is in black and white, if the Ontario NDP forms government in the June 7 election they plan on ignoring federal immigration laws and opening up provincial services to people in the country illegally.

“We will declare Ontario a Sanctuary Province,” it says on page 11 of the NDP platform.

Now I am sure that they would argue they are just being kind, compassionate, that they have no such intention of flouting federal law, but that is where sanctuary status leads.

At the beginning, the NDP says their policy would simply allow people to access health, police and social services without disclosing their immigration status. So people that pay no taxes could get healthcare, welfare, send their kids to school. Soon it would mean getting drivers licences and any other service that requires the rest of us to be citizens or permanent residents.

Move from another province and wait three months for Ontario health coverage, come illegally and Andrea Horwath and the NDP will give it to you right away.

I’ve been following the issue of illegal immigration and watching groups like No One Is Illegal for a long time, even before the current border crisis that Justin Trudeau has created. Prior to the 2017 flood, the estimates of “undocumented workers” ranged from 100,00 to 500,000.

There is no exact number but one thing is for sure, if you encourage people to break the law by giving them free stuff then you will get more of them.

Not a wise move for any politician and despite what Horwath will claim, not progressive or compassionate.