FORD DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Trans voters react to receiving registration cards with their former names

Transgender voters are speaking out after receiving registration cards bearing their former names, saying the need to clear up name changes in person could put others in an unfair and potentially unsafe position.

Escobar, who has not yet cast his ballot, said he fears other trans or non-binary voters may not know they are able to vote, or will worry about having to out themselves in front of droves of people.

Eligible voters will be able to cast a ballot, even if their registration card is incorrect, Elections Ontario spokesperson Cara Des Granges told the Star.

There was a May 29 deadline for updating voter registry information online, she said, but residents still have the option of clarifying their identification in-person at their local returning office, or at the polls on voting day

If a voters’ registration card is correct, Des Granges said, they must bring proof of their name to the polling station.

If the name on the card is incorrect, or the voter is not on the voters list, the voter must bring identification that proves both their name and current address.