Suzuki’s Honorary Degree Day HIJACKED by oil and gas supporters

This morning in Edmonton, CBC’s Alberta-hating expert on everything, David Suzuki, received his controversial honorary doctorate from the University of Alberta.

The choice to honour the elderly environmentalist who, in a 2015 interview with Evan Solomon compared Alberta’s oil and gas industry to the evils of slavery, has been a controversial one for the University.

The decision sparked outrage from high profile donors like Dragon’s Den star Brett Wilson who penned an angry letter to let the university to let them know their cheque wasn’t in the mail this year. A Calgary law firm also cancelled their annual $100K donation.

University President, Dave Turpin, is standing by his man, saying that “knowledge and progress are built on the free exchange of ideas”.

Maybe he should tell that to Suzuki, who has openly advocated for the imprisonment of people he calls “climate criminals”.

But Suzuki’s big day was hijacked with a protest co-organized by Rally 4 Resources and Canada Action.

While Suzuki spoke inside to the spring convocation, protestors outside called Suzuki a hypocrite and a fake, and told me Suzuki was guilty of having the largest carbon footprint in Canada.

They weren’t just bothered by Suzuki and his high flying, luxury living scolding. They were also angry at the University for rewarding Suzuki with its highest honour after a lifetime of promoting anti-science quackery.

One University of Alberta alumnus, even tried to return his degree to the school!

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