Jordan Peterson sues Wilfrid Laurier for defamation following Lindsay Shepherd case

University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson is taking legal action against Wilfrid Laurier University after a T.A. was criticized for showing a YouTube clip of him.

Petersen – a psychology professor who’s contentious views have been protested across the country – and his lawyer, Howard Levitt of Levitt LLP, are suing the school and three faculty members  for defamation worth $1.5 million.

The claims, which haven’t been proven in court, say comments made in a closed meeting were defamatory and intended to discredit Peterson.

Peterson’s controversial views on the use of gender pronouns for trans-people became the subject of a free speech debate at Laurier after T.A. Lindsay Shepherd showed a video clip of him during a class tutorial.

Shepherd’s case came to light after she came forward with a recording of a meeting between her and three faculty members, who said playing the Peterson clip created a toxic environment in the classroom.

Shepherd secretly recorded the meeting, and has since made the recording public

Comments in the meeting included a comparison of Peterson’s speech to Hitler, and a comparison of his opinion to that of an anti-trans, anti-gay, anti-women white supremacist. They also called him “academically suspect” and said he exhibited “charlatanism,” according to the unproven Statement of Claim.

Full article: Global News