Peter Fonda’s sick anti-Trump Twitter madness infects CBC “comedy” writer

Peter Fonda’s Twitter madness about Barron Trump has infected a CBC comedy writer.

Fonda tweeted “we should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if his mother will stand up against the giant a****** she is married to”

Donald Trump Jr. defended his little brother, tweeting back, “you’re clearly a sick individual and everyone is an internet badass but rather than attack in 11 year old like a bully and coward why don’t you pick on someone a bit bigger. Let me know.”

It should have ended there. It’s gross to offer to have an 11 year old child raped, even in the Gomorrah of of the entertainment industry, but apparently it wasn’t sick enough for someone to jump in on Fonda’s side.

Somebody named Pat Dussault replied to Donald Trump Jr. tweeting:

“don’t worry we’re coming for Chloe too”
Chloe is Donald Trump Jr.’s three-year-old daughter and his tweet is either an offer to commit a pedophilic crime against Chloe firsthand or a threat to take her and stuff her in a cage with pedophiles like Fonda wants to do to Barron.

What kind of psychopath says things like this? The CBC-writer kind, apparently.

Watch as I explain who Pat Dussault is and share his lame, self-serving apology in which he claimed his tweet was just a failed, clumsy joke.

Three weeks ago, Roseanne Barr was a star at the top of her career but after one stupid, and arguably racist tweet, it all came crashing down.

The Left made the rules and accordingly, Dussault should be Roseanne Barr’d into oblivion and denounced by everybody that he has ever come into contact with professionally.

But it’s not happening. CBC is silent, as are other companies and shows he’s worked on. Roseanne lost her show for less, but that’s because her crime wasn’t really racism — it was Trump support.

I know this because Fonda’s new movie is still being released and Dussault will surely find work again writing jokes nobody laughs at.