“Sneaky” Liberals renew flawed Equalization Program — NDP “boldly” speak up after deal is done

In a sneaky move, the Federal government just renewed the flawed Equalization program behind the backs of the provinces who foot the bill for the program that sucks money out of Alberta, Saskatchewan, BC and a couple of others and redistributes it to the east.

And despite the deep recession in the region, no changes were made to the current formula to reflect the changing economic circumstances in the West.

Even worse, the Liberals finalized the deal a full year early, leaving provinces who were just gearing up for formal talks that were expected next year, flat footed.

Saskatchewan is livid and feeling blindsided by the Feds, saying they had no idea the deal was done.

However, Alberta’s Finance Minister Joe Ceci is taking his usual clammy hands approach — sucking up to the feds while trying to steal an idea he previously refused to support because it came from a Conservative.

In an interview with the Globe and Mail, Ceci said he saw the equalization issue as one open for discussion. He said:

“It has not worked for Alberta even during the depths of our recession which started in late 2014 and continued through 2015-2016 and part of 2017”
Ceci said he’d like to see changes so Albertans can get a better deal from Equalization. Does Ceci think we’re hard of remembering?

Watch as I remind him of the times the NDP failed to act and openly mocked conservatives who have been talking about ways to work towards a better deal.

Now that it’s a done deal, Ceci thinks Equalization should be up for renegotiation?

Bold move, after the fact, from Canada’s worst finance minister. At the rate the NDP have been forced to steal UCP ideas, they might just scrap their own carbon tax by 2019.

Source: TheRebel.media