Angela Merkel gets migrant compromise from Bavarian conservatives

Angela Merkel gets migrant compromise from Bavarian conservatives

Chancellor Angela Merkel and Bavarian conservative leader Horst Seehofer have reached a deal on migrant policy that could save the governing coalition. But will the Social Democrats accept the deal?

Following a final crisis meeting on Monday, after interior minister and CSU chairman Horst Seehofertendered his provisional resignation late Sunday evening, the Bavarian and Merkel achieved a breakthrough.

Merkel said Germany would be putting in place national “transit centers” to “order and steer secondary migration” — the movement of migrants within the EU. The chancellor said the deal would balance national and international approaches to the issue of how to control migration.

The general secretaries of the two parties said the agreement would reduce migration to Germany and allow the country to quickly turn away people who have no chance of being granted asylum in the country.

The deal seems to have buried the issue of whether Germany would have the authority to turn away migrants at its national borders, a main point of disagreement between conservatives that had threatened to break apart the long-standing CDU-CSU parliamentary bloc.