Revisiting the violent Left of the 60s for perspective on the Left today

In the 1970’s, Larry Grathwohl went undercover for the FBI in the Weather Underground terrorist group. In this 2013 interview with WNDB’s Marc Bernier, Grathwohl talks about his experiences with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn as they planned and executed terrorist bombings in the United States and their ties to Barack and Michele Obama.

What about the anti-American left of today?

Brandon Darby was involved with the violent anti-American left in movements like Occupy Wall Street. In the video below, he explains why he decided to become an FBI informant initially to help stop a terrorist plot directed at the Republican National Convention in 2008.

More on The Weather Underground – Official Trailer for 2014 documentary

The Weather Underground weaves the story of the rise and fall of the controversial group of idealistic young people who—outraged by the war in Vietnam and racism in America—tried to violently overthrow the US government during the 60s and 70s with countless acts of terrorism. A cautionary tale for today’s volatile times.