End of Ontario electric vehicle rebate program expected to hit sales

“The reality is that without some kind of incentive in place to bridge that price differential between a regular, internal combustion engine vehicle and the more expensive electric or hydrogen vehicles, consumers just don’t purchase them in the same numbers.”

The Ontario program offered up to $14,000 back for buyers, but the new Ford government cancelled the rebate this week — along with the cap-and-trade program that helped fund it — as part of an effort to lower gasoline prices.

The incentives will be honoured for vehicles on order through a dealership, but they have to have been delivered and registered by Sept. 10. Adams said that could be a tight timeline for some orders so his organization will be pushing to extend it.

Customers who ordered the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle say they’ve lost out on the grace period, even if they’re made non-refundable deposits, because the company sells vehicles directly to customers rather than through a dealership.