Trudeau’s Liberals call the 92% of Canadians who oppose open borders “racist”

Trudeau’s Liberals call the 92% of Canadians who oppose open borders “racist”

Ahmed Hussen came to Canada as a refugee. And Canada gave him every privilege, every opportunity. In fact, now he’s Trudeau’s Immigration Minister, in charge of refugees himself.

Trouble is, as The Globe and Mail reported in 2016:

“Canadians’ views at odds with Liberal immigration plans, government poll shows.”

This $83,000 opinion poll commissioned by the Trudeau Liberals that showed only eight per cent of Canadians wanted more immigration.

Well, Trudeau and Hussen sided with the eight per cent against the 92 per cent.

Doug Ford, the new premier of Ontario, has expressed his views, too — including calling illegal immigrants “illegal.”

And Ahmed Hussen snapped.

He called Lisa MacLeod, Ford’s Minister for Children, Community and Social Services, and a fifth generation Canadian — he called her “unCanadian” just for standing up for the 92 per cent.

Not just Ahmed Hussen, but Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s chaperon since college, his principal secretary now, the de facto prime minister. He freaked out on Twitter:

Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up to this divisive fear-mongering about asylum seekers. Let’s not allow the alt-right to do here what they’re doing elsewhere.

Is Lisa Macleod alt-right? I think that’s code for racist — that’s U.S. talk, Hillary Clinton Democratic Party, George Soros talk.

The 92 per cent of us who don’t want more immigration, and don’t like all of our social services being sopped up by foreign law-breakers; who don’t like the queue-jumping, the mocker of our laws.

We’re all racists, says Gerald Butts.

But not if we’re Quebeckers.

Quebec is fed up with these migrants, too. They’re sending them by bus to Ontario, and banning them from getting subsidized daycare in Quebec. And they’re bringing in a law banning the niqab.

And — funny thing — not a peep from Gerald Butts or Ahmed Hussen…