EXCLUSIVE: “Ungrateful” refugees prefer “war zone” but Feds refuse to send them home

In the waning days of 2015, the Trudeau government contracted with Canadian hotels, turning them into makeshift migrant camps as the Liberals rushed to meet their arbitrary campaign promise to import 50,000 Syrians before the end of the year.

Through exclusive access to information documents comprised of emails between hotel management and their government contacts, and internal government bureaucratic memos, we’ve uncovered costly physical damage done to hotels by the migrants, sexual harassment of female housekeeping staff, child neglect, and hotel pools made sharia-compliant under the advice of the federal government.

Today I’ll show you how ungrateful the Syrian refugees were to be in Canada.

Internal memos and emails told of Syrian refugees discarding donated clothing because it wasn’t good enough, throwing trash everywhere, and even asking to go home or elsewhere in the Middle East because they didn’t like it here in Canada.

Shockingly, even though the Muslim migrants would be better suited to integrate into a Middle Eastern country, the Canadian government refused to send them back.

Instead the Feds chose the more expensive option of keeping people who didn’t like our culture or appreciate our kindness here to abuse our system.

To see all the reports in our ongoing investigation into the Liberals practice of housing migrants in Canadian hotels, visit RefugeeInvesigation.com.

Source: TheRebel.media