Laurier U. President offers “harebrained scheme” to make free speech “better”

Laurier U. President offers “harebrained scheme” to make free speech “better”

Almost a year after the monumental PR black eye Wilfred Laurier University received over the Lindsay Shepherd affair, the latest move by President and Vice Chancellor Deborah MacLatchy shows that she and the rest of the tall foreheads at WLU, still don’t get it.


MacLatchy penned an unintentionally funny propaganda piece in the Globe and Mail entitled, “Not merely free speech, but better speech needs to be protected on campus.”

It purports to offer an alternative to that dusty old thing known as free speech by introducing something called “better speech.”

But, isn’t free speech already the best speech? And who in their right mind – especially someone heading a university – would attach the descriptor “merely” to free speech?

What is “mere” about free speech? And what is so-called “better speech”?

MacLatchy’s opinion piece is pretty much a heapin’ helpin’ of meaningless jargon and buzzwords, so I’ll cut to the proverbial chase.

Rather than making a bold commitment to free speech, MacLatchy has just ushered in Wilfred Laurier’s “New Coke” moment when there’s only one kind of speech a university should champion – Free Speech Classic.