Elementary teachers union advises members to defy ‘reckless’ Tory ruling to revert to 1998 sex-ed curriculum

The Tories have said teachers will use a version of the curriculum developed in 1998 as the government carries out public consultations for a new document.

ETFO President Sam Hammond criticized the approach and said the union is advising all members to “exercise their professional judgement” on sex-ed matters when school resumes in three weeks.

Calling the government approach “reckless,” Hammond said the union would defend all teachers who continue to follow the 2015 curriculum. ETFO also said it would intervene in cases regarding the curriculum that come before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, such as one a group of parents have announced they plan to file.

Six families from across the province have said they will mount a human rights challenge against the government decision on the grounds that reinstating the curriculum discriminates against LGBTQ students. The lead complainant in that case is an 11-year-old transgender student entering Grade 6 in the fall.