IFP ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m going alone!


For the continued benefit of International Free Press as a platform for the promotion and protection of FREE SPEECH … I’m going alone!

Effective immediately, Peetee, D-FENS, and Tom Langstrom are no longer serving as Moderators for International Free Press.

Effective immediately the Lab Rat Disqus Channel (labrat.disq.us) will be reinstated as the conflict resolution venue for International Free Press. I am now the only Moderator at Lab Rat going forward, so please have patience with any threads and comments posted to Lab Rat awaiting my attention.



Peetee, D-FENS, and Tom Langstrom have been absolutely invaluable contributors to IFP. To you, I must express my undying admiration and appreciation for your commitment to Free Speech. You have made IFP what it is today. Going forward, that burden is mine alone to bear.

Since WordPress cleans up the mess that Disqus creates in terms of spam, socks, trolls, etc … there really isn’t much Moderation that goes on at IFP. Therefore, it is now time for me to go it alone.


This is absolutely not a good-bye to the people that have stood by me through thick and thin. Peetee, D-FENS, and Tom Langstrom have all pledged their continued support and commitment to what is International Free Press. As a regular visitor here, the only difference you will notice is that they are no longer Moderators of IFP.



With the future of Disqus in doubt at the present time, International Free Press has renewed our subscription for at least 1 more year continuing through December of 2019. We have chosen to use a multi-platform approach to commenting and participation here at IFP, and are confident that this approach will ensure our continued success as a Free Speech platform and community.


I’m the only Chef in the kitchen now.

What can you expect then? I have lost many friends along the way in maintaining my principle of Free Speech. Some of those names hurt much more than others, but it doesn’t matter. It is foolish to believe that you can make me decide between Free Speech and an individual’s contribution to this website, or anything else. I believe that my history has proved this 100% and I stand by it.

Now the buck stops here …

  1. OVERMODERATION: Three, four, and five Moderators for a Free Speech platform didn’t make sense. In my mind, there should be ZERO moderation of a Free Speech platform … but since that isn’t possible in using Disqus and similar commenting engines, there’s now just me.
  2. UNBIASED MODERATION: Please see above. I have a very clear and acute history of unbiased moderation. You may not agree with me, but when I issue a warning, it’s not a bluff nor a negotiation … it’s a warning. I always do my best to “enforce” our Community Guidelines blindly.
  3. COMMUNITY GUIDELINES: Educate yourself. It’s up to you to understand them;
  4. STRUCTURE: With only me as the Mod and Website Owner, it’s all on me. I own it all … all decisions, all structure, all good, all bad … it’s all me.
  5. MISUSE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION: this is not possible.
  6. LAB RAT: As the only Mod at Lab Rat, I will be most happy to entertain all discussions initiated at Lab Rab. There are no bans at Lab Rat, and there shall be none. Air your grievances, thoughts, or deep thoughts … without reservation.


Lights Rat Light Butterfly Heart Picture

The Disqus Channel known as Lab Rat (labrat.disq.us) is now re-opened as the Conflict Resolution Venue for IFP. If you find yourself banned for whatever reason, whether with or without warning, please initiate a discussion thread there so the matter can be resolved.

Again, I am the only Moderator at Lab Rat, so please exercise some patience in awaiting a response from me.  It will also help expedite matters if you provide a link to the comment, discussion, or page that is in question so that I can get up-to-speed quickly to offer a resolution.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you … ALL of YOU! You are what have made IFP possible, you are what have made IFP what it is, and you will continue to shape IFP in the future.

As owner and now sole Moderator of International Free Press, I thank all of you for your contribution to IFP. All I have done is provide a platform for Free Speech. Although my definition of Free Speech may differ from almost everybody that has ever and will ever participate here, let it be known that whatever IFP is today is due to YOU. It is what you have made it, and I thank you.

To all the Moderators, Content Posters, Editors, Authors, Critics, and even Trolls that have frequented CFP and IFP over the years … I wish to thank you for your contribution. Good or bad there is no such thing as a negative contribution. Positive or negative, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Again, I thank you all.

Onwards and upwards as a Community!