‘She’s got to clean that up’: Belarussian’s bloody marathon win

VOLHA Mazuronak won her first international marathon at the European Championships — despite being covered in blood.

The Belarussian, 29, suffered a nosebleed early in the race but battled on to win in a time of 2hr 26min 22 secs on the streets of Berlin.

Runners had been on the course for around half an hour when graphic images showed Mazuronak covered in blood.

“What has happened there? Look at her face. Is that a nose bleed?” an astonished commentator said. “That is utterly bizarre, she’s got to clean that up. She looks like someone’s thrown some red paint in her face.

“I’ve never seen that before, quite such drastic level of bleeding on someone’s face in the early stages of a marathon.”

The close up is just as gross. Picture: Sven Hopper/DPA/AAP

“The race was difficult. Suddenly the blood started to flow out of my nose and I thought it was going to stop quickly but it was strong,” she said.

“I know it must have looked horrible. Fortunately I managed it and in the end it did not affect me.

“I think it could be because of the change of the weather but it also happened to me during training before. I don’t know why.”

Mazuronak leads the field. (Photo by Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP)