Victim of racist exchange at Edmonton supermarket recorded video to raise awareness of Islamophobia

Edmonton Police are reviewing a video posted to social media showing a heated and racist exchange between a man and a group of young Muslim women, the second such incident in as many weeks.

Late Wednesday night, Yasmin Ugas was with friends at the Clareview Superstore buying groceries when, she said, a man approached them.

“A man came up to us and started apologizing to us for being slaves and wearing slave garments,” she said.

Ugas is Muslim and wears a hijab; another friend who wears a niqab was also present for the encounter.

“He has clearly a lot of ignorant ideas about why we’re wearing our hijab and he’s blaming our husbands on the fact that we’re being forced to wear this,” Ugas said.

“It was just really a way for him to start his schpeel about how Islam is trying to change the rules of Canada.”

Full article: Global News