Should I vote for Maxime Bernier?

I really don’t know what to make of this situation … at least not yet. When Andrew Scheer was “elected” Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I was quick to label him a “gimme”. I insisted that Scheer was put there as a pawn, for whatever reason, to ensure another term for Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party of Canada.

Just as the CPC had closed the polling gap on the ruling LPC and changed loomed on the horizon for the the 2019 Federal Election in Canada, “Mad” Maxime Bernier quit the CPC to form his own “centre-right” party named the Canadian People’s Party.

As is to be expected, two camps formed as a result. The #TrudeauMustGo camp decided to stick with Scheer for seemingly no other reason than to oust Trudeau. Then, the #BernierNation faction organized online to support their man.

The conspiracy theorist in me says “This is a gimme … it’s all a set-up.” My vote doesn’t matter.

The Canadian in me says “Bernier stands for the same values as me.” I must vote for Bernier.

The Taxpayer in me says “Trudeau must go, so I’m voting for Scheer.” We must vote for Scheer.

This is all so complicated, and I’m torn apart. Any one of those three realities could easily hold true.  My head is spinning, and I need some advise. The “mainstream” media is only serving to spin my head even faster on this issue.

Now I reach out to you. Who will you vote for if the election were to be held tomorrow … and why?

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