ISIS takes credit for Danforth attack

While ISIS may be calling the gutless Greektown shooting rampage their proudest victory of 2018, Canadian authorities are not lending it any credence.

Faisal Hussain shot and killed Julianna Kozis, 10, and Reese Fallon, 18, and wounded 13 others before taking his own life. A court on Wednesday will release — at the media’s request — details surrounding the search warrant into the killer’s home and digital devices.

But for the third time, murderous ISIS, through propaganda social media arms, keeps pushing the narrative.

This time, as reported by award-winning National Post investigative reporter Adrian Humphreys, ISIS not only claims they were behind the carnage, but also that it was the year’s signature event.

While law enforcement is quick to push away suggestions ISIS’ claim that Hussain, 29, was a “soldier” who responded with his tactical ambush in their name and style — in black dress with apparent calmness and proficiency — they have not yet revealed a full list of wounded.

Mayor John Tory’s office, through spokesman Don Peat, said “at this time, we won’t comment or speculate on the motivation for this cowardly attack on innocent people.”

Mark Pugash, spokesman for Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, said with a full investigation underway, including one by the SIU, there’s no comment.