Toronto Danforth shooter stood over woman and shot her 4 times, unsealed warrants show

Nearly two months after the Danforth shooting in Toronto, search warrants unsealed Thursday show that Faisal Hussain stood over a woman and shot her four times during a rampage that ended with the 29-year-old shooting himself in the head.

The documents paint a picture of a troubled loner fascinated with violence and explosions, although they do not offer a clear motive for the killings. The newly released court records do, however, provide a glimpse into the shooter’s past and his run-ins with police.

Hussain had no criminal record, but was arrested for shoplifting two days before the shooting and then let go unconditionally.

When police found Hussain’s body, they discovered cocaine in his possession. His cell phone was ringing with a call from “Home” appearing on the screen.

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