Police document shows entire Canadian political class lied about Toronto mass shooter

Last month a Muslim man named Faisal Hussain walked down Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood, down the popular Danforth Avenue, shooting everyone he met. He murdered two women — an 18 year old named Rees Fallon, and a ten year old girl named Juliana Kozis, and wounded a dozen more.

Now, I just said Faisal Hussain walked down the street shooting everyone he met. That’s not accurate. He ran into a man named Jaspal Singh, a Sikh. And he told that Sikh man, who obviously has brown skin, and could appear to be Muslim, I suppose, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to shoot you.”

But Hussain “stood on top of a woman and shot her four times.”

How does that make sense?

The quotes I just showed you were from a legal document called an “information to obtain the warrant to search,” or ITO. In other words, it’s the facts that police put to a judge, on July 24, the day after the shooting, to get a search warrant for the murderer’s house and belongings. It has just been made public.

It proves that the official alibis served up the family, the media and the federal government were all lies. They were lying about the shooter, and they knew it, but they lied anyway.

Faisal Hussain lived with his parents. He was 29 years old. Let me tell you about his bedroom at his parents home:

“The [police] dog then hit on a sleigh bed that had two drawers under it. The dog indicated on the left drawer. When the drawer was opened the following was located…”

And then the copy was blacked out.

But it was done using a black pen, but I can clearly make out the words that were covered up:

Two AK-47 magazines, fully loaded with ammunition; two 9 mm handgun magazines, fully loaded with ammunition; a variety of handgun and shotgun ammunition.

Look at what’s unreacted: “A white powdery substance.” “An Islamic head dress.”

Here are police interviewing his twin brother:

He advised that, in the past, Faisal has robbed a store with a gun, called the police to say he wanted to kill himself and has been on anti-depressants.

That’s armed robbery. That’s the stuff that ought to put you away for a decade

Let’s move down to the dad, who was interviewed by cops. His dad:

…took Faisal to Islamabad, Pakistan, about 2-3 years ago to visit family. Faisal was happy on the trip and did not want to return because people left him alone there.

But in this same IOC, the mom says Faisal “has never left Canada.”

Paragraph 35 refers to a PR statement, issued by the family, although it wasn’t signed. It was written in perfect English.

But of course we learned that the statement was not actually written by the family, but by a Muslim activist who knew he had a job to do — de-Islamify this. De-criminalize it. Say it was just “mental illness.”

And the Media Party ran with it — because it said what they all wanted to hear.