The high cost of Liberal math

It’s understandable that what’s left of the Liberal party in Ontario wants to escape responsibility for the deplorable state they left provincial finances in when they were defeated in the June 7 election, after 15 years of being in charge of the books.

So, today, let’s examine the mess they’ve left for Ontario taxpayers and Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government to clean up, using their own numbers to prove the point.

That is, even if we accept their own financial projections about the size of Ontario’s looming deficits before they were defeated, over the much larger ones projected by the auditor general of Ontario, the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario, and the PC government panel which examined the Liberals’ books.

Instead, let’s accept former Premier Kathleen Wynne’s contention that the Liberals balanced the books in 2017-18, as they promised, and as argued by the panel they hired to review their calculations.

Because the fact is even the Liberals’ own numbers show their annual budgets had become meaningless and that taxpayers could not rely on them.