EXCLUSIVE: McClintic’s brother says ‘she’s no more Indigenous than I am green from the planet Mars’

“With what I know about Terri-Lynne, Terri-Lynne is taking a bed away from somebody that could benefit from it.”

McClintic’s brother spoke to Global News on the condition of anonymity.

He carries a heavy secret: very few people in his life know about his connection to one of Canada’s most notorious killers.

He is angry about the decision to send McClintic to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Maple Creek, Sask., citing his sister’s heinous crime and the fact she assaulted another inmate since beginning her sentence.

“To be given access and rights to go to somewhere that for all intents and purposes has minimum security, and no fences, where there are freaking children?”

“Whoever made that decision and allowed that to happen should be absolutely fired.”

The Correctional Service Canada (CSC) allows offenders to self-identify as Indigenous without needing to prove their claim.

That’s exactly what he says McClintic has done, and he called her an expert manipulator.

“I have no doubt … she went through the steps that she thought were necessary to remove herself from [a small prison cell], to do what she thought whoever with a checklist wanted,” he said.

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