Trudeau’s Liberals blame Trump for anti-Semitism in Canada

Did you see this outrageous CBC story?

Trump and other politicians empower anti-Semitism in Canada, says Liberal MP Comments come as Trudeau prepares to apologize in House for 1939 decision to turn away Jewish refugees

Wait: Donald Trump, who was born in 1946, is responsible for the 1939 decision by Canada’s Liberal Party to turn away a ship of Jewish refugees from Hitler?

“When people start saying that there were good people in a neo-Nazi rally at Charlottesville, when people start tolerating speech that attacks groups or communities anywhere in the world, it obviously empowers people here in Canada who hate to come forward and speak publicly of things that they would never have before said in public,” Anthony Housefather told CBC News.

Hey, I bet Donald Trump was even responsible for the fact that the neo-Nazi named Ernst Zundel ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party a few decades ago — and they allowed it!

That Trump and his racist time machine…

Yeah, I’m not really interested in Justin Trudeau making another tearful apology about something that happened almost a hundred years ago, while he funds anti-semitism today, giving $50 million to Hamas-controlled hate schools in Gaza.

Let’s look at Trudeau’s own Liberal Party:

Trudeau’s Muslim liaison, an MP and a junior cabinet minister, Omar Alghabra, used to run the anti-Semitic Canadian Arab Federation, which actively called for the legalization of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Trump didn’t do that. A Trudeau Liberal did — and was promoted for it.

Trudeau unveiled a memorial for the Holocaust — but it managed not to have the word “Jews” or “anti-Semitism” anywhere in it.How do you even do that? It’s like a museum about slavery, without the word black.

But the CBC loves it. And by the way:

I noticed something about this CBC story that was very revealing, but they didn’t think anyone would notice. TONIGHT I’ll show you what that was…

Trump — whose daughter converted to Judaism, and married a Jewish man, and has Jewish kids. Trump — who moved the embassy to Israel; who helped wipe out ISIS; Trump, the most pro-Israel president in history, with the possible exception of Truman who helped create the modern state of Israel.

Donald Trump isn’t an anti-Semite.

And he’s not whipping up anti-Semitism — other than the odd wacko who thinks Trump is far too Jewy.

Justin Trudeau isn’t a philo-Semite. We’re not stupid enough to think that his crocodile tears about something 80 years ago means that Trudeau is a friend of the Jews today. Not the guy who have $10 million to a terrorist named Omar Khadr.

And right wingers aren’t the threat to the world’s Jews.

Muslim extremists are. Louis Farrakhan. Omar Alghabra. Every radical mosque where Trudeau campaigns. Every failed state that Trudeau dumps our foreign aid money on — and invited their unvetted migration.

I’m concerned about anti-Semitism, because I’m a Canadian, and because I’m a Jew.

Donald Trump isn’t the cause of it.