Catherine McKenna is jetting to the global warming conference in Poland — with “126 of her closest friends”

Catherine McKenna is jetting to the global warming conference in Poland — with “126 of her closest friends”

Catherine McKenna is our environment minister, and she has a lot of great advice for you and me, about making “smarter energy choices.”

Now look at this new headline:

Analysis: Which countries have sent the most delegates to COP24?

COP24 is a fancy way of saying the 24th annual UN global warming conference. COP stands for “conference of the parties.” The parties in this case means the countries — parties to the global warming treaty.

But of course, it really is a big, lavish party that moves from city to city, each year.

Of course, Catherine McKenna will be there, and she’s bringing 126 of her closes friends along!

More than 22,000 people are jetting to Poland to talk about using less energy: 13,898 from countries themselves; 6,046 from NGO and lobby groups. And 1,541 media. I’m not going to call them journalists, because real journalists aren’t allowed in — only those who comply with the UN agenda.

I know this, because our own Sheila Gunn Reid is going to Poland,and the UN refuses to accredit her. And they specifically said, when rejecting her accreditation request, that it’s because McKenna’s delegation blackballed her.

But tonight I’ll show you some of the official Canadian delegation going along with Catherine McKenna.

There’s a chief negotiator, a deputy chief negotiator, a negotiations manager, and just plain old “negotiators” who specialize in stuff like “Climate Finance” and “Indigenous Engagement.” The total number of negotiators is 16. That’s more than we had for NAFTA.

Then there’s our “Ambassador for Climate Change” and her “Advisor.”

Remember, the provinces send people to these junkets, too. And not just provinces; Indian bands. Canada’s Indian bands have real problems — unemployment, social dysfunction, crime, substance abuse. And they have real environmental problems, too, especially drinking water issues. Is the 24th annual meeting of the global warming mafia really the best way to spend five grand in airfare and five grand in hotels to get over to Poland for a party?

The union propagandists are out in force, too. And “youth delegates” — junior propagandists who will pump global warming message tracks into their schools and universities.

There are others on the list — lobbyists; environmental activists; they’re the same thing — they always managed to feather their own nest.

Every single one of these people is working to destroy Alberta’s oil and gas industry, and yes, don’t kid yourself, Ontario’s auto industry too.

So the next time you hear Catherine McKenna or Justin Trudeau talking about the middle class and jobs, just ask them why 126 jet-setters went to Poland to campaign against Canada’s heartland industries. And be ready for a lot of vocal fry in response.