Alberta Oilsands Convoy to Ottawa

Justin Trudeau and his liberal’s won’t understand the needs of Western Canada until there are 700+ trucks on his doorstep. This go-fund-me is to raise money for fuel and Expenses to send a convoy of oil rig trucks and other vehicles from 3 provinces to be launched from Red Deer, Alberta to Ottawa for a rally on the doorsteps of Parliament.

The Rally/Convoy date has now been set for launch on FEB 15th, 2019. Each truck owner will receive assistance, where requested, towards the cost of fuel and expenses to drive from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan to Ottawa. It is expected that hundreds of trucks and personal vehicles will join the convoy along the way . Applications for funding for fuel costs have been posted on our FB page or are available from one of our FB organizers and coordinators. Application and Registration forms posted via various Convoy-to-Ottawa groups and pages on Facebook. The convoy is expected to reach Ottawa on either Feb 19th to Feb 23rd depending on weather and road conditions.