Oil company fined $2.75M for 31 bird deaths (but green energy wind turbines get a pass)


In 2015, thirty-one blue herons were found dead or dying in a tailings pond at the Mildred Lake mine north of Fort McMurray. As a result, Syncrude was charged with failing to properly store a hazardous substance under Alberta law and faced federal charges under the Migratory Birds Convention Act.

After more than three years of litigation, Syncrude has agreed to pay a fine amounting to nearly $89,000 per bird.

Birds are expensive when they’re killed by energy projects – but not all energy projects.

Today I’ll take a look at the bird and bat deaths in Alberta over a seven month period in 2015, using the wind energy industry’s own data.

Based on those numbers, and if the same rules were applied, I found that the wind energy industry would owe $940M in fines.

Wouldn’t it be great if the slap chop blades of renewable energy were subject to the same penalties as other other energy projects when birds meet an untimely death?

Actually, hold that thought.

The public can’t afford the expensive green energy subsidies that would be needed to help wind companies pay those fines!