Ontario students deserve education not social justice indoctrination

If you clicked on the website of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) this past week, you’d have been invited to join this year’s Women’s March.

In fact, to really stir up its 83,000 members, ETFO mentions U.S. President Donald Trump, Premier Doug Ford, hate and social justice all in the same paragraph.

“Now that …the Ontario government wants to take equality backwards, women’s marches have been scheduled across Ontario,” the website says.

There’s other nonsense on that homepage including a media release about ETFO’s legal challenge against the Ford government’s alleged “mishandling” of the sex ed curriculum, claiming it has had a “chilling effect on teachers” and has “put students at risk.”

I’ll tell you what has put students at risk.

It is this union’s single-minded focus on social justice issues that have absolutely nothing to do with a student’s ability to read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide properly so that their parents don’t need to spend countless hours having them tutored outside of the classroom and we don’t have to constantly witness young cashiers struggling to make change or trying to figure out how to write a note without their SmartPhone.