Trudeau’s migrant mess could hike city taxes

Trudeau’s migrant mess could hike city taxes

For example, by hiking property taxes beyond the tied-to-inflation 2.55% increase proposed in the city’s 2019 budget released Monday.

Tory remains confident Ottawa will come up with the cash, but Trudeau’s record for paying these costs — the result of his government’s failure to competently address the illegal/irregular border-crossing issue — hasn’t been impressive.

About 40% of the beds in Toronto’s emergency shelter system are now occupied by refugee claimants.

This has already cost the city a total of $64 million in 2017 and 2018, to which the feds thus far have contributed $26 million.

On Monday, Ottawa announced $114.7 million for refugee resettlement costs for provinces and municipalities in addition to an earlier $50-million grant, but that’s for the entire country.

Toronto Mayor John Tory speaks during a city council meeting. (Ernest Doroszuk, Toronto Sun)

Ontario alone says it needs $200 million to cover these costs. Quebec says it’s already spent $300 million.

The $45 million for Toronto is vital, since the city’s proposed $13.46-billion 2019 operating budget, which includes fees charged for garbage pick up and water delivery, is already under pressure from a loss of $83 million in annual revenue from the city’s Land Transfer Tax, due to Toronto’s cooling housing market.