We Day in Toronto: “Frankly, the entire event was just creepy”

We Day in Toronto: “Frankly, the entire event was just creepy”

These Canadian brothers have been activists from a young age, starting their charity Free the Children in 1995, to fight child labour around the world.

In 2007, they launched WeDay, which sees students from around Canada packed into stadiums to hear, and cheer on, a progressive message that has grown far beyond the Kielburger’s original mission.

The Scotia Bank Arena place was packed with kids and teachers, and the energy was definitely high. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an engaged crowd.

Fortunately, the bright colourful lights didn’t blind me from seeing the obvious political angle. The We Movement is part of a progressive political strategy, and the organizers know exactly what they are doing.

Children cheered while celebrities told them that global warming was the biggest threat in society today, and how it’s up to them to fight climate change.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice all the garbage those kids threw on the floor of the arena. Chip bags, snack wrappers and so on. It was a complete mess. I’m not too sure the kids heard that whole “green” message over their cheers.

Gay activists and a young trans speaker not only advocated for LGBTQ+ rights, but they normalized gender dysphoria. (Of course, they don’t call it that.) Again, kids are kids and they should be left that way. Why do they need to hear about these things?

And as was the case throughout the whole We Day event, the speakers all presented a one-sided take: The side of the left.

Frankly, the entire event was just creepy. The kids in the audience were practically hypnotized by the lights, music, chants and indoctrinating speeches. I even had a We Day official handler, who followed me around.