Mississauga store owner fends off robber with bunch of bananas

“Somebody came in, all covered up, his face. And he wanted me to open the cash register,” Kim said.

Surveillance video of the incident obtained by CTV News Toronto shows the moment that the couple confronted the masked individual.

“Then he jumped up to the counter. My husband pushed him down. Then I was scared my husband was going to be hurt, so I got the bananas and started to hit him so hard and he ran away.”

Surveillance footage shows Kim dealing several strong blows with the yellow fruit.

“It was a whole big bunch like this – I hit him so much he ran away,” she said.

Her husband then followed the fleeing suspect and chased him out of the store before the couple called police.

While neither Kim nor her husband were injured, Peel police said they don’t advise entering into physical confrontations with potential robbers.

Peel police are still looking for the suspect.