Bookies still favor Trump re-election even after 12 challengers enter 2020 race

The entry of Sen. Bernie Sanders and 11 other White House challengers has not changed the gambling odds on the expectation that President Trump will win re-election.

The latest odds, taken after Sanders joined the 2020 race on Tuesday, put Trump as a 3-2 lock to win re-election followed most closely by Sen. Kamala Harris, at 10-1.

And the odds of Sanders winning didn’t budge despite announcing his race, said Dave Mason, the sportsbook brand manager of

“There were no changes to Sanders’ odds following the announcement. We had it as a foregone conclusion that he will be in the Democratic mix,” he said.

Sanders’ odds were as high as 28-1 in April 2017. “We did take some bets on Sanders this morning — he has the fourth highest bet count out of the Democrats behind Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke,” he added.

Trump’s odds of re-election haven’t changed. In August, for example, had him at the very same 3-2.

The latest odds as they appear on the betting sheet:

Donald Trump 3/2

Kamala Harris 8/1

Beto O’Rourke 10/1

Joe Biden 12/1

Bernie Sanders 14/1

Amy Klobuchar 14/1

Elizabeth Warren 25/1

Cory Booker 25/1

Kirsten Gillibrand 25/1

Michelle Obama 25/1

Sherrod Brown 25/1

Mike Pence 33/1

Michael Bloomberg 33/1

Tulsi Gabbard 33/1

Hillary Clinton 40/1

Oprah Winfrey 50/1

Nikki Haley 50/1

Julian Castro 50/1

John Hickenlooper 50/1

Paul Ryan 66/1

Ben Shapiro 66/1

Tom Wolf 66/1

Orrin Hatch 66/1

John Kasich 66/1

Howard Schultz 66/1

Ro Khanna 66/1

Nancy Pelosi 66/1

Steve Bullock 66/1

Pete Buttigieg 66/1

Dwayne The Rock Johnson 80/1

Jamie Dimon 100/1

Mark Cuban 100/1

Jon Stewart 100/1

Caroline Kennedy 100/1

Bob Iger 100/1

George Clooney 100/1

Leonardo DiCaprio 100/1

Ivanka Trump 100/1

Rand Paul 100/1

Terry McAuliffe 100/1

Will Smith 100/1

Gavin Newsom 100/1

Joe Rogan 100/1

Jay Inslee 100/1

John Delaney 100/1

Bill de Blasio 100/1

Eric Swalwell 100/1

Seth Moulton 100/1

John Kerry 100/1

Eric Holder 100/1

Andrew Yang 100/1

Mark Zuckerberg 150/1

Clay Travis 150/1

Ted Cruz 150/1

Marco Rubio 150/1

Stephen Colbert 150/1

Bill Gates 150/1

Steve Bannon 150/1

Tim Ryan 150/1

Marianne Williamson 150/1

LaVar Ball 250/1