SNC Lavalin And Canadian Yellow Vests Are Under Attack

While hundreds of yellow vest-sporting truck drivers hailing from Alberta arrived in Ottawa this week to protest the barricades imposed on the oil sector by the current Liberal Government, a storm of controversy simultaneously struck resulting in the resignation of a cabinet member as well as Trudeau’s principal advisor over a scandal tied to Montreal-based construction giant SNC-Lavalin and throwing the government into a crisis.

On first glance one may make the popular error of assuming this to be a “perfect storm of divine justice” hitting a beleaguered government whose corrupt acts have gone too long unpunished. Reality, however is rarely quite so simple.

The fact is that the attack on SNC Lavalin and the attack on those blue collar workers of Canada who are watching their means of livelihood systematically destroyed by carbon taxes, and the cancellation of infrastructure projects such as the trans mountain pipeline have at their origins, the same dirty hand. This dirty hand has a British pedigree and is sometimes called the Deep State and it is useful to keep in mind that it is this Deep State that seeks to reduce the global population to “ecologically sustainable levels” and overthrow the Westphalian system of sovereign nation state. These acts are only possible to the degree that a global paradigm of zero technological growth were to be maintained, and today, this policy is masquerading Delphically as a “Green New Deal”.

For those who may not be aware, the SNC Lavalin scandal centers around the apparent pressure which the Prime Minister’s Office put upon Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould who, as the story was published in a February 7, 2019 Globe and Mail article days before her resignation, was expected to intervene upon a Quebec court corruption case that threatens to annihilate the existence of SNC Lavalin as a player in Canadian infrastructure development. The “heroic” Raybould took a stand and resigned in protest and while it is not necessary to speculate about the exact mechanisms operating behind the scenes, but something much larger is at play.

As it stands now, if found guilty the construction giant which is an international force in infrastructure and nuclear projects, would face a 10 year ban on federal contracts.

While the court case nominally centers on the issue of bribes that SNC undertook in the construction of a major super hospital in 2012, the truth runs much deeper and touches upon a battle between two opposing systems which are now clashing globally. These systems are defined by two incompatible paradigms- one based upon an open system of multipolar (ie: pro-nation state) dynamics centered on win-win cooperation and unbounded technological progress. The other is a closed system shaped by a commitment to a unipolar, technocratically-governed mechanics shaped by zero-sum thinking. You can guess which vision is dominant in the Canadian federal government which features a Prime Minister who bragged in 2015 that “Canada is the world’s first post-national state.”