#LavScam: Justin Trudeau’s reelection bid hits the rocks

The Canadian leader faces unprecedented political peril as a fast-escalating scandal implicates him specifically.

All bets are now off about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political survival.

An ethics scandal has plunged Canada’s government into disarray, with the prime minister himself facing unprecedented political peril.

A flood of new details allege Trudeau and several senior government officials repeatedly pressured his former attorney general to drop corruption charges against a large construction company and reach a settlement agreement. Trudeau’s political opponents sent police a letter Thursday requesting an investigation and called for Trudeau’s resignation.

The prime minister brushed off that request and said Canadians will have a chance to judge him for themselves in an election this fall.

Until recently, his reelection appeared to be nearly a lock. The latest polls now show him slipping into a tight race — and those surveys don’t even capture the latest influx of damaging detail.