Trudeau’s verbal porridge and serene smile have carried him along. Until now: Neil Macdonald

He either doesn’t think the public deserves a straight answer, or just isn’t capable of delivering one

Excerpt: “I am a teacher. It’s how I define myself. A good teacher isn’t someone who gives the answers out to their kids but is understanding of needs and challenges and gives tools to help other people succeed.”

To the National Post’s John Ivison, he declared: “Who cares about winning? We should focus on serving.” (Actually, according to Wilson-Raybould, Trudeau cares a great deal about winning, to the point where he’s ready to overturn a prosecutor’s decision, if that’s what it takes).

But it was to CTV that he was probably most candid.

“At one point,” he told the program W5, “people are going to have to realize that maybe I know what I’m doing.”

Or not. On the evidence of the past few weeks, I’m thinking not.

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