Refugee Charged for Raping 10-year Old Girl


The accused Muhammad Hussain, 28, of Pakistan nationality was charged with sexual penetration.

Acting provincial police commander Senior Inspector David Yapu said the accused invited the victim and two other small girls to Kohai Lodge at ward two, Lorengau town.

While they were in the lodge, the accused sexually penetrated the victim four times in the room.

Mr Yapu said this was the second incident involving the refugees at Lorengau this year, and he was very frustrated of such incidents.

He appealed to all parents of young girls within the province to take care of them and not to allow them to come into town to be lured by fast money by refugees or other illegal activities.

He said the victim was underage and the actions of the refugee towards her was unrespectable and a disgrace to the community and the society.

He said that these foreigners must respect locals and the laws of the country and wait patiently for their resettlement by PNG and Australia governments.