MPs rule out 12 April no-deal Brexit after backing delay bill by a single vote

MPs have narrowly approved a bill which compels Theresa May to seek a further extension of Article 50 to prevent a no-deal Brexit on 12 April.

The bill, laid by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, requires the government to bring a legally binding vote to the Commons, seeking an extension to Article 50, where MPs will be able to determine the length of the extension.

313 MPs voted for the bill, and 312 voted against – a majority of one.

However, this does not bind the European Union to the decision, who could reject the outcome of the vote and not offer an extension.

The bill raced through parliament in under six hours, as backbench MPs took control of the parliamentary agenda from the government.

The bill now progresses to the House of Lords, where peers will have opportunities to amend the bill.

Meanwhile, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have held a first round of talks on a possible compromise Brexit deal, with both sides describing the meeting as “constructive”.