Dear white people, you’re never racially discriminated against so shut up

A recent poll published in the New York Times has found that over half of white people in America believe that they’re being discriminated against. Yes, you read that right. 55% of white folk in the States believe that they’re mistreated by society because of their skin colour.

To recap, this is a country where: Slavery was around for 245 years, followed by over 100 years of official and unofficial segregation 25% of those killed by the police are black – despite Afro Americans only making up 13% of the population 34% of the prison population is black 45.8% of young black children live in poverty 1,064 racially motivated incidents were reported in the first months after Trump was elected It is a country which is presided over by someone who calls neo-Nazis ‘very fine people’, a country which is scarred from decades and centuries of racism.

And in 2017, over half of the Caucasian population think that they’re the ones being discriminated against. Am I high? Am I missing something here?

In the UK, I’ve heard people (particularly white men) complain about quota mentality and the fact that companies are more lenient on women and ethnic minorities in order to get their diversity stats up.

Just 4% of CEOs in FTSE 100 companies are black or Asian. Just 50 of the 14,000 British professors operating in our universities are black. 3% of doctors in the UK are black.

That doesn’t scream LOWERING THE STANDARDS TO CRAM MORE BLACK PEOPLE IN JOBS to me. There’s no government conspiracy here or abroad against the average white man. If you don’t get the grades for these kinds of jobs, you’re not getting in – end of.