Trudeau Govt Permit 2.8 Million NON-RESIDENTS To Vote In 2019 Election


Until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau passed Bill C-76 through Parliament, a Canadian citizen living in another country COULD NOT VOTE if they had lived outside of Canada for more than FIVE YEARS.
Say goodbye to this one. PM Trudeau, in his infinite “wisdom,” has kicked open the doors for any ex-pat to vote in the October, 2019 federal election– even if they have not lived in Canada for FIFTY YEARS.
Pourquoi? Desperation, for one thing. Trudeau & Co. obviously realize they are tanking in the polls. Another factor is that government believe the majority of ex-pats will vote Liberal. They wouldn’t have made the change if they knew otherwise.
Additionally, if ex-pats follow Canadian politics to any degree, they do so on a superficial level. As any sensible(non-Liberal) Canadian understands, Justin Trudeau LOVES superficiality. In fact, he has based his entire political career on it. Fact is, if people follow politics in the media on this basis, then what they absorb is decidedly PRO-LIBERAL.
As a corollary, the Trudeau government have also ELIMINATED the need for Photo Identification in order to vote in October. This at a time when illegal entry to Canada is at its HIGHEST LEVEL in history. Here we see the way the Trudeau government roll– as in, they will do ANYTHING to win the upcoming federal election. Voter integrity be DAMNED. Indeed, Trudeau’s aspirations are singular: to become a de facto dictator in a country where the ruling government pretend to believe in democracy.